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Innate Leadership and Human
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Engage and align team member motivations with your corporate objectives. CQify will assess your organizational, team and individual needs to create and implement a bespoke programme that will trigger business transformation.
Experience results within 60 days with our impactful programme proven to embed sustainable change.
CQify offers programmes that do more than tick the diversity box – our mission is to disrupt the human intention of categorizing others based on culture, ethnic background, pronouns, titles and any other label that disregards the fact that we are all unique, building the foundations for a new stage of business performance and experience. 
Through our training you will learn to recognize how biases, stereotypes and judgments can influence decisions and behaviours that can be inhibiting our view or experience of reality and therefore hindering business success. 
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“To overcome conflict, misunderstandings and poor communication it is necessary to further investigate a process that initiates individuals' acknowledgement of biases, judgments and stereotypes by understanding how, when and why these are formed during life experiences.

This process requires a cultural intelligence framework to build trust, openness, agility and to go behind the scenes of how individual biases are created by our thoughts...
– then personal and organizational transformation can begin.”

– Dr. Cari Leyshon, DBA
Founder & CEO
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What is CQ (Cultural Intelligence)?
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to function and relate effectively in culturally diverse situations. 
CQify teaches you the ability to bust biases and misunderstandings through learning how our mind works. This allows us to navigate the barriers that exist in communicating in a diverse context. 
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“Imagine what organizations would be like if we stopped designing  them  like  soulless,  clunky machines. What could organizations achieve, and what would work feel like, if we treated them like living beings, if we let them be fuelled by the evolutionary power of life itself?”
- Frederic Laloux 
CQify Program Outcomes
We have an impact on 3 areas: Business, people and social. 

Business - We build the foundation for best-run businesses.
People -We unleash individual life experience.
Social - We increase capacity for global community and collaboration.

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Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the nature of human experience and recognize sources of unconscious biases
  • Understand the underlying dynamics of change 
  • Identify and mitigate microaggressions
  • Understand and evolve innate leadership
  • Apply the cultural intelligence framework to disrupt biases
  • Inspire business creativity and agility 
  • Overcome bias in decision-making
“Dr. Cari creates a trusting environment to discover the innocence of how our perceptions fuel my unconscious bias that limiting my interactions with people from different cultures – I was unaware of the impact this was having on the relationships with my colleagues and clients which has been life changing – I highly recommend the CQify approach and training”
- Amy – CEO; Spain
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Why is CQ Important? 

What all organizations have in common is the need for results. These depend on team collaboration. 


Globalization has propelled diversity management and leadership skills into a priority for organizations that strive to remain competitive. High levels of CQ are required to navigate the complex needs of diverse stakeholders to maximise collaboration and alignment.

...focus on embedding change initiatives by sharing how individual and organization perspectives can evolve with CQify.


We create the environment for real individual and business transformation to occur.


This is not an awareness program; we go beyond biases into the mechanics of how our mind works.


We build trust within the team to deep dive into the human experience. We discover how the role of culture influences our perceptions and contributes to workplace misunderstandings which interferes with overall business performance.

Our Programs...
Benefits of Increasing Your Own CQ
as a Business Leader, Manager or Team Member:

Effective global communication strategy that will appeal to each market.


An introduction to how our psychological system works and why this is helpful to know.


Alignment of stakeholders to increase retention and deliverables.


Faster problem solving and reduction in conflicts within your organization or TEAM.


Improved inclusion and team member wellbeing by understanding how individual bias is created.


The innocence behind biases, exploring

micro-aggressions and micro- affirmations.


Better decision making – using diverse perspectives productively.


Increase efficient knowledge transfer between divisions.


Learning to appreciate unique cultural identities and how to synergise diverse teams.


Less stress and more joy in the workplace.

CQify Sports Performance Program

Intrinsic Mind Performance with CQify:

For the Athlete, the team and the club!

  • Improve individual and team mental wellbeing

  • Increase elite performance levels

  • Create diverse communication strategies to reduce conflict and misunderstandings

  • Improve stakeholder experience & engagement

  • Encourage team collaboration

  • Reduce biased decision making & microaggressions

  • Top talent attraction & retention

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"Never apologise for who you are"
- Marcus Rashford

Download our Latest Article

How does an Individual's Culture Trigger Barriers of Communication in a Diverse Environment? The Case of a European Enforcement Network an Action Research Inquiry
Dr. Cari Leyshon, Global Marketing & Business Strategy

Academy of Strategic Management Journal Research
Article: 2021 Vol: 20 Issue: 2S
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Advanced Human Analytics

CQify applies advanced human analytics to uncover the underlying informal organizational structure and the quality of their conversations. 





These are some of the businesses Analyticae have helped to make the most of their data:

Impact & outcomes of CQify

Before the program


Diagnosis phase
In this phase it can be seen how there is a group of workers from a different culture (USA & UK) who are disengaged from the rest of the department, forming a separate team. It is a highly integrated group among them but with low integration with the rest. The existing connections are made by a very small group of workers who are the only ones who give access to this group.

The objective is to achieve a greater integration of this group and to achieve an integrated functioning of the different cultures that make up the team.

After the program


Results Post-Program
After the integration program, it can be observed how the connections between elements of the different culture origin have increased and the team presents a higher level of integration. There are no longer a few employees who control access and the equipment beings to function without the previous limits.


Meet the Team

Dr. Cari Leyshon
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Dr. Cari Leyshon DBA 

Founder and CEO

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Amy McRae Johnson


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Dr. Ana Faria

Head of Technology and Digital Development

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Helmar Rodríguez Messmer

Partner and Director of Programs

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Naqi Azam

BD Consultant Pakistan, UAE, Philippines and Malaysia

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Michael. Watson

Program Delivery

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Jacqueline Hiddlestone-Mumford

Head of Corporate Strategy

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Zia Brooks

Program Delivery

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Dr. Julian Rowa

Lead Consultant and Program Delivery - Africa

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Naz Denning

Program Delivery

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Dr. Yogesh Raut

Lead Consultant and Program Delivery - India

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Amanda O'Shea

Program Delivery

Helmar (Partner & Director of Global Programs) has worked with:

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