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Empowering People, Elevating Business:
Unlocking the Power of Culture

Our specialised expertise empowers leaders to seamlessly integrate people with new deals, fostering growth and success in an increasingly diverse world.


CQify is reshaping business as usual and allowing companies and organisations to scale to new heights by co-creating a culture that nurtures high performing teams.

CQify is reimagining how people connect, teams collaborate, and organiastions thrive.

This is where real sustainable change happens.


We are Integration Strategists


We make your plans happen now.


We work alongside your team to embed the learning culture, 

not as an event, 

but as an ethos within the team.

Dr. Cari Leyshon


Dr. Jacqueline Hiddlestone-Mumford

To Integrate your

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Copy of New-Technology-&-Systems_V6.png

New Technology & Systems

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Plans &

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Strategies & Initiatives (ESG)

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Policies & Procedures

For more information and bespoke solutions

95% of plans fail due to misunderstandings -Wilbers 2023


The Crucial Role of Culture in Business Success


of the reasons people quit

are relational


of managers agree that a positive workplace culture creates resilient teams


of organisational problems are due to human-human misunderstandings 



We are

A scholar-practitioner uses both research and their depth of corporate experience to deliver lasting actionable outcomes. 


Each of our expert combines at least 25 years in the corporate world with academic experience.

NOTE: PhD scholars are less than 1.4% of the global population, scholar-practitioners are less than 1% of those with a PhD AND they form the core of our CQify team.

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Discover where Real Human-to-Human Connections Happen



High-Performing Teams and

Sustainable Growth

Overcome cultural and personal barriers.  

Cultivate a culture for next-level performance. 

It all begins with you.


Upskill your leadership and teams.  

Change thinking from ‘ME’ to ‘WE’.

  • Understanding is deepened.  

  • Focus is increased.

  • Results are heightened.

Team Meeting
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New Release!
Simplify your Leadership Challenges

We are Dr. Cari and Dr. Jacqui:

your Cultural Integration Strategists.


Join us and our global team 

to lead the way to 

Culture-based Performance.

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"The challenge we think is happening is not always the actual one that needs to be solved"

- Dr. Cari Leyshon

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Dr. Cari


Dr. Jacqui

Upcoming Events

  • Meet the Authors
    Meet the Authors
    Tue, 05 Dec
    Online Meetup
    05 Dec, 14:00 – 14:30 CET
    Online Meetup
    05 Dec, 14:00 – 14:30 CET
    Online Meetup
    Don't miss this opportunity to meet the authors, join the Q&A, and network with like-minded individuals. Together, we'll explore how culture can drive success and excellence in both business and life.

Connecting People was the Answer

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"Working with Dr. Cari and Dr. Jacqui made our team more aware of small individual and cultural differences. Clear communication on expectations and explanation of the meaning of words and terms made a huge difference to our day-to-day life at the office. The perfect proof that small changes can make a big difference."

Karolien Dockers

CEO, Belgium

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Imagine if you could contact a critical friend to bounce ideas off, tap immediately into multiple perspectives that are supported by up-to-date research to help inform your decisions and reflect individually.


How would this change yourself, your team, your organisation, and your world?

What is a CQify Critical Friend (R)

A progressive services for leaders (co-creators) who want that independent challenger who offers differing perspectives for greater clarity in decision-making, based on current research and practical experience.


Those who participate benefit from having their thinking challenged in a critical friendly way.

Join Us

If you’d like to join us, work with us or just find out more we’d love to meet you...

Team Meeting

Helping Organisations Succeed

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