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Critical Friend (TM)

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Imagine if you could contact a critical friend to bounce ideas off, tap immediately into multiple perspectives that are supported by up-to-date research to help inform your decisions and reflect individually.


How would this change yourself, your team,

your organisation, and your world?

What Is A Critical Friend?

A progressive service for leaders (co-creators) who want that independent challenger who offers differing perspectives for greater clarity in decision-making, based on current research and practical experience. Those who participate benefit from having their thinking challenged in a critical friendly way.

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This is a popular question that always gets asked of us. We tend to take this for granted that everyone understands what a scholar-practitioner is and what we actually do. To provide clarity and consistency here is brief explanation:

A scholar-practitioner is someone who has a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). A DBA is the same as a PhD in that both are doctorates at the same level. There are, however, differences in the approach taken in contributing to knowledge.

Someone with a PhD has focused their research on contributing to existing knowledge, known as contributing to theory. They add to established theories by providing further evidence or proof that will either prove or challenge the current results. A good example is the progression of cancer treatments, building bridges or infrastructures, mining, or another being the emerging treatment of psychological disorders.

Whereas someone with a DBA has focused their contribution to knowledge on both the contribution to theory and the application of theory directly into practice.

In attaining our doctorates, we combined our academic learning and research findings with our extensive practical experience to develop our practice further. We are able to act as a bridge for decision makers and provide an instant link to relevant research that will be helpful in resolving their unique business challenge

What Is A Scholar -Practitioner?

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