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 The CQify LENS Framework© is focused on the human element to deliver an organisation’s strategy plan and improve performance by leveraging the organisational culture. Each of the four aspects combine to provide greater likelihood of implementing your strategy plan.


Leveraging Culture To

Explore and acknowledge our own individual schema. This understanding needs to include how everyone has different cultural conditioning that is influencing their own view of the world.

In using Cultural inQuiry to understand ourselves on a continual learning journey by being curious, we can contribute to co-created intentions.


Leveraging culture is connecting people who:

• Embrace curiosity about themselves and others,

• Care with intention and purpose, and

• Thrive on continuous learning.


A place that is created within the team and organisation that is considered to be psychologically safe to show up as our authentic selves.


Understanding that both are required, we need to encourage ourselves and others to focus on personal and professional growth and development. Cultural inQuiry integrates the understanding of how to co-create these spaces and learning opportunities.


Encourage is making space to:

• Nurture a psychologically safe place to connect,

• Focus on personal and professional growth and development.

Non-Judgemental Insights

Is where the unexpected inspiration and ideas come from the team. Insights are personal ideas that have no specific formula and are generated where your mind has unlimited access to all possibilities and not confined by expectation.


Cultural inQuiry is designed specifically to focus on how to generate non-judgmental insights, just like a surfer waiting in the ocean for that perfect wave to ride.


Non-judgemental insights come from:

• Being responsive and generating creative ideas through a collective team effort towards a vision,

• Fostering collaboration within an inclusive team environment.

Strategy Implementation

Is putting those plans into action and overcoming the day-to-day distractions. Our insight-led action inquiry cycles unleash the co-creation of high performing teams.


This is when collaboration peaks with a full view of the organisation’s co-created culture based performance.


Strategy implementation acts as a catalyst so that:

• Regardless of any barriers there is a relentless team flow that is resilient, adaptable, and sustainable.

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