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Cultural Intelligence
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Join the CQify Cafe conversation: Transformation over Judgement
How Does Neuroscience
Inform and Support Leaders

Wednesday 6 July at 1:00 - 1:45PM CEST   ·   Free (Limited Spaces Available)

Presented by 

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Zia Brooks
Head of Training at CQify

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Naz Denning
Neurodiversity Expert at CQify

Join our Head of Training Zia Brooks and our Neurodiversity Expert Naz Denning to discuss how neuroscience impacts a leader's decision making so we can be more responsive and less reactive.

Blue Water

Who should attend?

Business leaders

Image by Casey Horner

Why should you attend?

Learn why most companies are not achieving their best performance


Discover the root cause of conflict and misunderstandings with your work colleagues, boss, or clients.


Curious how to drive performance by understanding individual culture

Outcomes of this conversation

Gain a new perspective on how to achieve your performance metrics


Listen in on diverse ideas on what type of culture nurtures high performing organisations 


Be part of the conversation, ask questions and share your ideas

The Corporate Challenge

Organisations are in the midst of profound change which is, adapting to a pandemic, the great resignation, remote working and building a more diverse, equitable and all inclusive organisation.

Leaders are searching for new ways to enhance productivity and overcome these problems which  all share a common denominator. This is the power of cultural intelligence that directly impacts both organisational and employee performance.


Lacking energy, feeling
tired or exhausted all
the time.


Finding it hard to cope with everyday things and tasks or experiencing 'burn out’.


Experiencing 'brain fog', find it hard to think clearly or to concentrate.


Not wanting to talk to or be with people or not wanting to do things you usually enjoy.

The Corporate Opportunity

It is time for leaders to rethink the world of work to create a unified front within diversity. A global meaningful world of work means appreciating and consolidating individual cultures without borders. 


At CQify we form meaningful partnerships with forward looking organisations that face business challenges with a human solution. 

You will break mental barriers and limiting beliefs increasing your security, responsiveness and self-confidence.


You will find within yourself new resources for energy, connection and innate wisdom.


You will uncover the secrets of your innate resilience unleashing your profound wellbeing and freedom.


You will increase your present state, hear what is being said more deeply and be more alert and connected with others.

It opens a door for you to enter a vision of the world and of reality that represents a great qualitative leap that definitively changes your life experience. It is not doctrine, it is not faith, they are not tools, they are not techniques, it is not logic, it is pure understanding through your own experimentation.



Thank you Dr. Cari. Your program seems extremely well structured and nothing like other diversity and inclusion ones. I am excited to continue the conversation.



We wish to acclaim Dr. Rowa for his excellence in delivery and his scholarly and practitioner instincts that simplify concepts and models, and the ability t manage the expectations of very senior executives during the entire process with his depth and fun filled work setting.